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In November last year I made a YouTube video that was, for a change, actually pretty funny (the video was “iHate”). Shortly after I posted it a couple of my subscribers (jrsynderjr and snarkdetriomphe) decided to help me out by getting their friends to all post dozens of comments on the video (“comment spamming”) so that it got on to YouTube’s “Most Discussed – Today” list, giving it pretty big exposure. That was successful and from there things went crazy and the video got viewed about 50,000 times, with around 500 people leaving comments, mostly saying how cool they thought it was. It was really exciting getting a new comment every 4 minutes or so, and then 48 hours after I posted the video it stopped suddenly (YouTube’s “Today” lists are actually for videos posted in the last two days — don’t ask me why). In his book, popular YouTuber Nalts says, “The first time you get featured or have a video that goes viral will create a mad rush of adrenaline followed by a sugar crash.” — and I can completely vouch for that.

Anyway, the entire reason I mention it is that today I was reading this web comic called “pictures for sad children” (as linked to by Paperlilies), and one of the strips totally reminded me of that ego-inflating experience:


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