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On occasion, I’ve been known to become obsessive about things. I suspect that I have one of those “addictive personality” thingies. Recently I’ve gone cold turkey on something that was a pretty big part of my life for quite some time (no, not that, or that, or that—it’s not the topic of my previous post or anything else that has an -Anonymous group. Don’t worry about me.)

I thought I’d make a post here, firstly to celebrate one relapse-free month, and secondly to record the little insight that it’s given me into addiction:

In the past I’ve sometimes scoffed at other people’s addictions. After all, what could be easier than not doing something? If you’ve acknowledged it as an addiction then you already know that’s it’s harmful, so just don’t do it, alright dummy? But obviously it’s not that easy.

Actually, it is that easy… 90% of the time. The difficulty is that temptation is a steady and unwavering companion. It’s there when you’re feeling fine and busy so you don’t even notice it, but it’s also there when you’re feeling your worst: tired and lonely and in a trough of self-confidence. It’s those times when it becomes a genuine battle.


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