Three-and-a-half days late…

Posted on: June 7, 2008

…but still, Hillary Clinton just gave a very good speech. I’m trying to decide if I was being too demanding by expecting that speech on election night. I guess that doing something like running for office requires so much self-belief that it makes it very difficult to switch it off suddenly when the results aren’t what you were hoping for. I know that feeling somewhat.

1 Response to "Three-and-a-half days late…"

People listen to yourselves.
Why is Obama such a bad guy. Is it becuase he is black. Is it becuase he in man? Is it becuase he was nominated to represent the democratic pasty? Is it because you are scared? Is it becuase you will not directly benefit from Hillary’s loss??????? Is it your individual pride (sounds republican to me)
Think Bush- think war -think poverty -think no health care- think world views- think losing foreign statis- think same old same old!!!! the continued fall of the american empire!!!!. There is nothing you all can do but place Macain in the white house; due to your lack of insight and support.
Hillary has lost. MOVE ON PEOPLE
What kind of responsible citizen would do such a misguided angry thing and vote for Mccain or worse not even vote at all.
I was and am a great Hillary supporter. I have moved on and am backing Obama with even more passion than I did for Hillary. That is my duty as an american ;as a democrate ;as a human!!!
If all you see is a women scorned you disgrace all the work that Hillary believed in and worked so hard for.
We have a chance to make history and guide america into a secure leader of the world once again. Do not cloud your minds with such pride and prejudice!
Do your duty as americans- as democrats- as women- as citizens of the world- as humans and support your nominee for the 44th president.
You still have a voice !!!So use it Dammit!!
Obama has his great work ahead. I strongly believe that hillary can not contribute to the VP position. I love Hillary’s legacy. Shw has paved the road for future women to be great leaders in this country -Period. She na not and must not play second fiddle to Obama. It would horrifac for the country!
Obama will find the best VP he can wether it is Hillary of not.
Do what is best and think with your mind not your heart or your pride!!!!
WAKE UP PEOPLE. You democrate hating Obama are just perpetuating the growing belief that americans are stupid!

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