Clinton Pisses On Obama’s Parade

Posted on: June 4, 2008

I’m really pissed off at Hillary Clinton right now. In the last hour or so Barack Obama has finally clinched the Democratic Party nomination for President. So what would you expect her to do in her speech afterwards? Well, first of all she’d concede and congratulate Obama. Then, she’d start the work of reunifying the party. Disturbingly large percentages of her supporters have said that they’ll vote for John McCain rather than Obama in the general election. So, of course she should take this opportunity of intense media coverage to point out that her policies are incredibly similar to Obama’s, and a world away from McCain’s. She’d point out that she’d much rather see a Democrat in the White House than a Republican. She’d sing Obama’s praises and start setting him up for a great win in November.

So, did she do any of that?


She continued to campaign! She continued to make her claim that she has more of the popular vote. That claim requires you to ignore the caucus states which do not release official vote totals. The claim isn’t accepted by anyone outside her campaign, but she refuses to stop making it. She continued to make her case that she’d do better in a general election. That claim doesn’t have any merit either, because, as the pollsters themselves say, polls five months before an election are not predictive. Even if it did have merit, it doesn’t matter! She lost the primary! At one point her supporters started chanting “Denver! Denver!”, indicating that she should continue to campaign all the way to the national convention in August, trying to change the minds of the Super Delegates who could still theoretically change sides. Did she calm them down and say that she wouldn’t dream of being so silly? Nope! She just smiled!

I can’t believe how stubborn Clinton is being. It’s a huge missed opportunity. It’s disgustingly ungracious. She said that she’s not making any decisions tonight, but there isn’t a decision to make! When the referee blows the whistle and you have less points, you don’t get to decide if you lost or not! You get on with it and shake hands with the winner… unless you’re a complete asshat.


Calming thoughts… calming thoughts…

But let’s look on the bright side. Today is the first time that a black candidate has been nominated for President by a major American political party. That’s a wonderful achievement that will be remembered for a long time. If Obama goes on to win the general election (and he could use a little help, Clintons!), then that will be remembered forever.

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