Steve Jobs Reads My Blog

Posted on: March 7, 2008

Did you hear about the iPhone Developer Platform?

It’s nearly exactly the way I described such a thing in my blog post in January last year (I was $1 out on the pricing).

So, I guess Steve reads my blog… or maybe they actually read their “Contact us” feedback over at Apple? Crazy talk. Either way, I clearly rule.

(By the way, I said in that post that I’d be “there in a flash” if they made such a program. Well, since then I’ve soured on the iPhone, so I probably won’t be there be at all, in actual fact. Why don’t I like the iPhone anymore? Well, it’s missing some important stuff, like 3G, a proper keyboard, and upgradeable storage, and it’s missing some things that would be nice, like GPS, MMS, and Bluetooth headphone support. But the main problem is that it’s ludicrously expensive. The cheapest price plan available is £35/month with an 18 month contract and the phone costs £269 on top of that. That’s £899! Granted, that includes phone service, so if you use your phone a lot it might work out reasonably okay. For me it’s a disaster. I don’t use my phone very much at all, so I use a pay-as-you-go price plan and spend a few pounds a month on it. So for me the premium that I’d pay for using an iPhone would be ridiculously large. I guess I’ll just have to stick with my new contract-free, unlockable Windows Mobile phone that has every one of the features mentioned above, and yet costs less than even the £269 basic price of the iPhone.)


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