How To Ruin A Vegan’s Weekend

Posted on: February 25, 2007

At weekends, I have something different for breakfast to break the monotony of having the same thing every day. So I go down to the supermarket on Friday afternoons and get these lovely olive rolls and a tub of houmous to dip them in. I’m what you might call a “houmous enthusiast” (very stereotypically vegan) and I don’t mind admitting that weekend mornings are one of the highlights of my week. So yesterday I went to Lord Sainsbury’s wonderful shoppe of delicious things and found this sign in the dips section:

The story behind the story is that they found some salmonella in M&S’s houmous and apparently every supermarket in the country gets theirs from the same place, so this island is now virtually dry (in regards to chickpea-based middle-eastern dips).

As I said, this is one of the best parts of my week (yes, I know, I need a hobby/girlfriend), so I’d be damned if some foodborne bacteria was gunna take it away from me. I’ve read the ingredients list enough times to know what houmous is made of, and hey, who cares if I haven’t got the second-most important ingredient (sesame seeds): it’ll probably taste fine. So, when I got up on Saturday afternoon I spent about 2 hours (yes, really) making my own:

It actually kinda looked like the real thing (wrong colour, but you can’t have everything). So guess how it tasted? Yup, absolutely vile. For some reason I decided to ignore all the quantities on all the recipes I read online and just winged it on instinct (alright, the reason is that I couldn’t be bothered to look up what a “cup” means — with hindsight, a false economy of time). I added waaay too much garlic, and it turns out that the sesame seeds are actually pretty important. Oh well, live and learn.

To top it off, I managed to destroy the blender in the process, which from the look of the thing had been a part of this family longer than I have.

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Indeed a splendid pot of humus!

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