The Quest For Frisky Dingo

Posted on: February 5, 2007

I thought I’d draw your attention to this really great new Adult Swim cartoon. It’s called Frisky Dingo (apparently it’s called that because they wanted to call it “Whiskey Tango”, but ran into trademark troubles). It’s about superheroes and villians and stuff and it’s from the same guys who made Sealab 2021. Here’s a (not safe for work!) preview on YouTube.

So, obviously I recommend that you respect copyrights and wait until either Bravo gets around to showing it (and when they do you’ll have to visit their web site every day to find out if it’s on because they treat their advance schedule like a trade secret), or you’ll have to wait until the Adult Swim subscription service adds it to their line-up (no hint when that might be, I’m afraid, and tough luck if you have a Mac). Of course, you could just wait six months for them to put it on a shiny disc so that you can actually watch it at decent quality when you feel like it. Oh wait, you can’t do that because you’d have to import it and it won’t play on your unmodified region-locked DVD player that you have because you also have a great respect for content-owners’ ability to stifle free trade and keep an iron-fisted control over distribution (I would have thought that letting people buy your products would be a good business strategy, but hey, I don’t have an MBA).

Oh well, I guess you won’t be watching it at all, because there’s clearly no other way.

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